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Cali’s Finest Auto Spa offers the best Clear Bra Los Angeles has to offer. We take great pride in providing the highest quality services and use the best products available on the market. That’s why we are certified installers of Ceramic Pro's KAVACA.

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Why paint protection film?

With Paint Protection Film also referred to as “Clear Bra”, you can drive easy knowing that your car has a shield protecting its paint from the elements and even light damage.

This paint protection option is perfect for those who are serious about preserving their vehicles car paint, and resale value. Useful for not only everyday drivers but as well as owners of exotic cars, race cars, track cars, and collector cars. Popular applications of Paint Protective Film are paint, front bumper, front fenders, rear fenders, hood, headlights, mirrors, door cups, and door handles.

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Paint protection film

BENEFITS OF Paint protection film

Matte or gloss look

PPF can have a matte and polished look with the same end-result.

Paint protection

Protect from damage, road rash, debris, bugs, climatic change, and various chemicals.

Increases Value

PPF ensures your car stays protected, thus increasing the cars value.


PPF brings you the best protection at a price you just can't beat.