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We are paint correction specialists and take the time and steps needed to restore your paint to its factory color. We have a passion to make each vehicle looks its absolute best and you’ll be able to see that with our work.


suffering from scratched/faded paint?

If your paint is suffering from micro scratches from automatic car washes, improper car detailing, or the elements, then it might be time to paint correct. This rigorous process is the perfect way to bring the pop from your paint once again!

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paint correction

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stage 1:

The first stage of our paint correction package begins with a thorough exterior wash removing all the dirt and debris from your vehicle’s paint. Next, we begin the clay bar treatment to decontaminate your vehicle’s exterior. The clay bar slides across your vehicle’s surface picking up tiny particles that cannot be removed with a typical wash. Once we decontaminate your vehicle’s paint, we add polish to increase gloss and give your paint a beautiful shine. Finally, we apply a slick sealant to your paint and clean your door and trunk jambs.


The second level of our paint correction package will reduce 35% to 55% of imperfections. It includes an intensive exterior wash, surface decontamination with the clay bar treatment. Next, we perform a medium stage compound with a single stage polish to increase gloss. Finally, we apply a slick sealant to your paint and clean your door and trunk jambs.

stage 3:

The third level of our paint correction package will reduce imperfection from 55% to 75%. This package will include more time spent compounding and buffing our your vehicle’s paint to remove imperfections. We’ve performed countless paint correction applications and guarantee to get your vehicle’s paint back to its factory color.

stage 4:

Level 4 of our paint correction package will make you feel like you got a brand new paint job! This package will remove 90% – 99% of imperfections from your vehicle’s paint. Once your paint is showroom ready, we’ll add ceramic sealant to bring out the shine. If you’ve been searching for the best car detailing Orange County has to offer, this is it. Come see our staff at Cali’s Finest Auto Spa.


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