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Paint Correction in Los Angeles

Paint Correction in Los Angeles, CA

Paint Correction is a smart choice for detailing process that removes imperfections from the surface of the paint. This process includes several advanced decontamination steps to remove flaws and imperfections from your paint’s surface.

We begin the package off with a thorough hand wash that removes dirt and microscopic surface debris. We then proceed to a clay bar decontamination that extracts harmful contaminants that are missed during the washing process. During the clay bar phase, brake dust, rail dust, and additional pollutants are removed from the paint. The paint correction package is imperative before the application of ceramic coatings or paint protection film.

Once we complete the clay bar decontamination phase, we begin with the polishing process. The polishing phase of the paint correction process consists of multiple steps of abrasive compounds and polishing pads. This removes marring, swirling, wash lines, and scratches. Dependent on the unique condition of your vehicle’s paint multiple stages of paint correction may be required to fully eliminate defects in the paint.

Most often we find cars that would benefit from polishing. We discuss our findings with you and recommend the next steps. Our paint correction specialists combine time-proven conservative techniques with leading-edge products and tools. We choose patience over brawn, allowing the tools and products to do the work. We use plenty of tapes to protect your car’s trim and gaps, and exclusively use short- and long-throw random orbital polishers for their effectiveness and safety.

We custom-match our full complement of polishing pads, compounds, and polishes from leading providers to safely meet your paint correction needs. We may also employ wet sanding to safely remove deeper scuffs and scratches. The current condition of your paint and your paint correction goals will determine the level of paint correction we provide. We offer everything from a one-step, all-in-one paint correction service to a multi-step, showroom-ready service.

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