Wheels Off

Ceramic Pro Wheels Off Package

Searching for Ceramic Pro Downey? Look no further than your experts at Cali’s Finest Auto Spa. The wheels of your vehicle can often be the dirtiest part of your car. They are in direct contact with dirt, mud, gravel and other elements out on the road.  They are likely to collect brake dust along the way. Adding our Ceramic Pro Downey paint coating to your wheels will help them maintain their longevity and greatly reduce your maintenance time and costs. The Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper formula was designed specifically to protect your wheels from the contaminants on the road. It will add a slick layer of ceramic pro paint coating to your wheels so contaminants slide right off! Our Wheel & Caliper package is an excellent way to protect your wheels and will make washing your car a breeze. If you’ve been searching for Ceramic Pro Downey, than come see us! This package is an excellent entry level package to protect the dirtiest part of your vehicle.