Car Interior Protection Downey

If you have been looking for the interior car protection Downey has to offer, you have found it here at Cali’s Finest Auto Spa. Clear bra truly is the best way to protect your vehicle, both inside and outside. Clear bra, or paint protection film, is a transparent and lightweight film that is highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and impact. Clear bra is flexible and resilient. Its resilience means that it has self-healing properties. It is usually used to protect the exterior of your car which is why it’s referred to as paint protection film. It is also super effective in protecting the interior of your car from damages. Clear bra can protect your dashboard, center console, controls, and trim to keep it in pristine condition.

Life happens, even those most careful drivers and car enthusiasts will end up with scratches inside their vehicles. Clear bra is here to protect the areas of your interior that are most prone to damage. You can erase the damage that time has done with self-healing clear bra film that will continuously renew your dashboards and consoles. It is impact resistant so you will have no more stress and worry about you or your kids scratching surfaces and causing unsightly damages. With self-healing protection, scratches and chips are non-existent.

Let us Protect Your Investment!

Protects Against: 

  • Chips
  • Abrasion
  • Stains
  • Scratches